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Moor Hens:

Just thought I'd share a bit of video with you of the Moor Hen family who live in St. Stephen's Green. They are obviously very attentive parents and their five chicks seem to be thriving on the care they are getting.

Click here to watch the video...

Funny Story.
I was fishing on Lough Corrib on May 28th and due to the scarcity of Mayfly I was dapping with crickets. I only used one for the whole evening and released the remainder into the wild. However one hopped back into the jeep and went into hiding - and guess what - he's still there and obviously enjoying himself as he will start chirping away in the evening despite the fact that the jeep might be on the move. I haven't seen him in a while but when I was driving to Tullamore last Thursday evening he "sang" for about twenty minutes. He must be a "he" as the "shes" don't chirp - and he must be surviving on all the crumbs and scraps that exist beside the carpets - as he'll eat anything - including the carpets - he might be eating his way out for all I know. Would this be a record?

I have also attached a couple of photos of a moth I found in Moynalty. He was amazingly coloured with white and brown outer wings and orange and black inner ones. When I moved him slightly to get a better view he started fluttering in a very aggressive way and then flew off. The second photo shows him getting ready to take off with the wings beating so fast that to the camera they were a blur.

Someone might be able to identify him as well as I can't find his equivalent on the web.

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