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September 16th 2010

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Twitter - Brenda Donohue
On yesterday's show Shay gently persuaded a reluctant Brenda to get involved in the world of social media and become an active member on Twitter.

At the end of the programme Brenda committed to giving it a go and 24hrs later - we're going to find out how it's going for her. Is she being followed, is she following and most important of all - Has she tweeted??

What do you do when you see a wasp? Do you ignore it? Gently waft it away? Or hammer the bejaysus out of it with whatever's closest to you?!

Many see them as a nuisance and wish they would "buzz off", but wasps have an unfair reputation say conservationists.

In the UK a campaign has begun to encourage people to calmly move a wasp along on its merry way - instead of violently swatting it - and we have decided here on the Mooney Show to designate today as Wasp Appreciation Day.

Katriona McFadden, self-confessed wasp hater joins Shay to talk about it.

Hacking - Brian Honan

You'll remember in August tens of thousands of potential college students couldn't log onto the CAO website to see what offers had been made to them because the CAO server was attacked. The incident is still being investigated.

It is suspected that the site may have been hacked, and what we want to find out is just how common hacking is in Ireland, and what effect hacking might have on the rest of us.

Brian Honan of BH consulting is recognised as an industry expert on information security in Ireland and he joins Shay in studio.

More info: www.bhconsulting.ie - www.bhconsulting.ie/securitywatch

Dermot O'Neill - Gardening
Dermot O'Neill gives advice on Autumn gardening and takes calls from listeners.

Consumer Behaviour Research - Colin Harper
There is an old adage in marketing: "sex sells". We all know it's true. Just have a look at any TV ad break and see how many times the sexual tension between men and women is exploited to sell any kind of product.

But now it appears that the shopping experience itself can trigger responses that are, sometimes, on a par to erotic stimulation! This discovery, of sorts, was made by researchers at the University of Westminster, while they were doing some studies into the reactions of consumers to certain promotions.

The research was commissioned by the Institute of Promotional Marketing, and joining Shay from London is Colin Harper, from that very Institute.

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