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Tuesday, August 24th 2010

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Fame Opening Night - Robert C. Kelly
In June Ben Morris and Jessica Cervi were announced as the winners of Fame: The Musical, and with that they became Nick and Serena.

They have been in rehearsals for weeks and they have already been on stage in previews for the show - but tonight is the big opening night at the Grand Canal Theatre and they are oh so excited and a little bit nervous.

Ben and Jessica took a quick break from sound checks today to meet our producer Deirdre Ní Fhloinn and producer of the show Robert C. Kelly joins Brenda on the line.

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LUXURY GOODS - Katriona McFadden
Remember the Celtic Tiger? The days of champagne-quaffing, designer shopping and the most expensive bottle of wine on the list, if you please?

Not everyone, of course, fell for the materialistic trappings of the Boom. But, for those retailers who supplied the luxury goods to the Celtic Tiger Cubs, the last two years have been particularly hard.

Recent figures show, however, that luxury goods are making a recovery and signs of the "Good Life" are visible again.

With that in mind, we sent The Mooney Show's Katriona McFadden off with the RTE chequebook to see what luxury goods are on offer!

Tesco Drive Through - Donald McFetridge
We have seen many variations on "Drive-through" services in recent years - with off-licenses… banking… pharmacies, marriage chapels and even drive through funeral homes - where mourners can drive by and view the remains of their loved ones - all providing drive-through services.

Tescos will expand its reach further this week with the launch of the UK's first ever "drive-thru" supermarket. But what could it mean for the future of shopping here in Ireland?

Retail Analyst with Ulster Business School, Donald McFetridge joins Brenda on the line.

The Angelus
What along with news and weather forecast shares the status of longest running programmed items on RTE TV?
But was first broadcast on Radio Éireann on 15 August, 1950?
It is driven by an automated foolproof clock system.
And adheres to a strict 3-3-3-9 sequence.
Answer: The Angelus

The call to prayer marks its 60th Anniversary this month but does it still have a place in modern Ireland?

Brenda is joined in studio now by Editor of RTE's Religious programmes, Roger Childs and Chairperson of Atheist Ireland, Michael Nugent.

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