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A Soundsdoable Production for RTÉ lyric fm

RTÉ lyric fm, Saturday 7th May, 6.30pm-7pm


The Metropolitan Opera, New York presents Puccini's Turandot

Thrilling soprano Liudmyla Monastyrska sings the title role of the legendary cold-hearted princess. Tenor Yonghoon Lee trades off as the bold prince determined to win Turandot's love, alongside soprano Ermonela Jaho as the devoted servant Liù and bass-baritone James Morris and bass Ferruccio Furlanetto as the blind king Timur. Marco Armiliato conducts Puccini's stirring score.

RTÉ lyric fm, Saturday 7th May, 7pm-10pm


Porque trobar... The troubadours and trouveres have an important place in world history, and even the word 'troubadour' has more global implications than simply meaning a singer-songwriter from medieval France. As an English analogue for the word 'bard' or 'singer-poet', it encompasses the world of song that bridged oral and written styles as well as vernacular and courtly worlds. Griots, kobzars, trovadores, minnesingers, guslars, ozans... all part of the human family of troubadours and explored on this morning's Vox Nostra with Vlad Smishkewych.

RTÉ lyric fm, Sunday 8th May, 7am-10am


Mother's Blood, Sister Songs

Acclaimed Irish composer Linda Buckley has a personal and professional affinity to Iceland and in this radio series she teams up with documentary maker Helen Shaw to trace the connections between the two places, in story and song. The Icelandic female line goes directly back to Gaelic women, mostly taken as slaves, by Norwegian Vikings who settled the land over a thousand years ago. In this evocative music led documentary Buckley and Shaw travel to Iceland to hear its stories and listen to its singers.

Episode 1: Mother's Blood

In the first of two programmes, Linda and producer Helen Shaw find out what the ancient connection is between Ireland and Iceland as Professor Poul Holm and Dr Elizabeth Boyle trace the story of the settlement of Iceland by Norwegian Vikings who took gaelic slaves, predominately women, with them. Where are the traces of these women in the story and song of Iceland? In Iceland they unpack the remarkable genetics which show the majority of women in early Iceland came from the gaelic world and talks to composer and singer Bára Grímsdóttir about the rímur song tradition while Dr. Emily Lethbridge brings us into the heart of the Icelandic Sagas and the story of Melkorka, the supposed mute Irish slave princess who features in them and how her son becomes a heroic leader in the story of early Iceland. Is Melkorka myth or reality? Professor Terry Gunnell and Gísli Sigurdsson draw out the Irish influences in story, folklore and song.

Production team: Linda Buckley, Helen Shaw, John Howard
Audio Mix: Pearse Ó Caoimh
An Athena Media Production (Ireland) for RTE lyric fm, funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland from the Television Licence Fee.

(First broadcast December 2019)

RTÉ lyric fm, Sunday 8th May, 6pm-7pm


Niall Carroll plays music from the heart of the classical repertoire. At midday each day Niall chooses his Five of a Kind. This week Niall chooses five pieces by Astor Piazzolla.

RTÉ lyric fm, Monday 9th May, 10am-1pm


Sheku Kanneh-Mason performs Elgar's cello concerto with the German Symphony Orchestra, Berlin and conductor Stéphane Dénève. Liz Nolan presents a showcase of unabridged musical masterworks, featuring live recordings of Irish and international performers, plus selections from the latest CD releases.

Elgar: Cello Concerto in E minor, Op. 85

Rousse: Bacchus et Ariane, Op. 43, Suite No. 2

Ravel: Daphnis et Chloé, Suite No. 2

Sheku Kanneh-Mason, cello

German Symphony Orchestra, Berlin

Stéphane Denève, conductor

RTÉ lyric fm, Monday 9th May, 1pm-4pm


Mystery Train is a nightly journey through the many wonders of recorded music - from its vintage glories to the latest sounds. Essential listening for the discerning music fan.

RTÉ lyric fm, Tuesday 10th May, 7pm-9pm


Liz transport us to Cuba with a concert from the Havana Lyceum Orchestra featuring works by Mozart, Davis and Lombida, Oliviero and Carillo. Liz Nolan presents a showcase of unabridged musical masterworks, featuring live recordings of Irish and international performers, plus selections from the latest CD releases.

Mozart: Overture to 'The Abduction from the Seraglio, K. 384' (1782)

Mozart: Horn Concerto No. 3 in E flat, K. 447

Joshua Davis: Rondo alla Mambo

Edgar Oliviero: Sarahnade Mambo

Traditional (Cuba): Samba Son

Carillo: Dos Gardenias para ti

RTÉ lyric fm, Wednesday 11th May, 1pm-4pm


Broadcasting live daily Monday to Friday evenings from our Limerick studios, Lorcan Murray presents RTÉ lyric fm's flagship show, Classic Drive. Lorcan brings you the perfect musical soundtrack, wherever you are, sharing a feast of music with both the curious and the knowledgeable and featuring listeners own choices. Included in this musical feast are the latest news and sports updates and tips for what's on where you are. There, for one and all, Lorcan's with you all the way.

RTÉ lyric fm, Thursday 12th May, 4pm-7pm


Paul Herriott hosts this concert live from the National Concert Hall where countertenor and violinist Mitry Sinovsky directs the National Symphony Orchestra in a programme including works by Rebel, Vivaldi, Handel and Mozart

National Symphony Orchestra

Luca Pianca (lute)

RTÉ lyric fm, Friday 13th May, 7pm-10pm