In April 2015, Dubliner Laura Molloy went for medical help after discovering changes in her body she didn’t recognise and that Google couldn’t get to the bottom of.

A student in DIT, Laura met with the college doctor in the hope of getting answers to mysterious ailments that made her legs feel like they’d been pumped full of air and swelled the fingers on both hands.

Her doctor immediately diagnosed a pregnancy. Only Laura had never missed a period, she wasn’t showing any bump and the result of a pregnancy test completed in the surgery that same afternoon concluded that Laura was NOT pregnant. 

So what was behind the ailments, declining energy and constant nausea? 

Laura was then in the middle of the final year of her degree in Film, Broadcasting and Irish, and working part-time in retail. She reasoned that her busy schedule might be behind the weariness, and peculiar symptoms.

But lying on the doctor’s bed her mind raced back to the previous summer and California, where she had travelled with her boyfriend Luke on a student visa. 

Frat parties, parties that ran all day and into the night and a crazy summer that sung out to a soundtrack of their favourite hits, may have driven her energy so low she’d yet to fill back up. But, instinctively, Laura knew that something more substantive happened on that four month journey. Until that afternoon in DIT, that something had gone unnoticed and what she didn’t realise then was that her condition was about to turn conventional medical wisdom on its head and change her life forever. 

Since first broadcast, The Announcement has won Gold at the 2019 New York Festival Radio Awards and shortlisted in the 2019 Rose D'or Awards.

Narrated by Laura Molloy

Produced by Laura Molloy and Robert Mulhern 

First Broadcast on RTÉ Radio 1,  Saturday 8th September 2018

Repeated RTÉ Radio 1, Sunday 10th March 2019 @7pm 

An Irish radio documentary from RTÉ Radio 1, Ireland - Documentary on One, the home of Irish radio documentaries.