It's the day after polling day in the North Kerry count-centre, the tallymen are centre stage, it's their day and they observe with a practised eye as voting papers tumble out of the ballot boxes and are unfolded by the official counting staff. The tallymen and women count the candidate who gets the number one vote and they usually have accurate predictions by mid-morning or lunchtime. They have a passion for politics and the party and most would have been out canvassing in the led up to the election. Today they must compile the data to get early results for news outlets on radio and television, which demand early results. The Tallymasters feel the pressure as they compile the tallycount from each box that is opened. 

The 2002 election is different, harder to call, Sinn Féin is tipped to top the polls with Fianna Fáil doing badly in the opinion polls and there could be a challenge to Labour's Dick Spring. With the advent of electronic voting will this be the Tallymen's final election?  

Presented and Produced by Dan Collins. ( First broadcast in 2002)