"Ireland was rainbows so bright they looked to be painted on the sky. 

It was your grandmother teaching you how to peel an apple for a tart, it was sweets from your grandfather’s bingo hall on the seafront in Bray. 

It was watching from the window for your Daddy to come home.  It was all good." 

That's how Rachel O’Toole remembers Ireland.

Although she does not remember much because she was just 4, and her sister Kelly, 3,  when their father, Fran, was murdered by loyalists and soldiers in the Miami Showband Massacre in 1975.

Shortly after their father’s murder  the girls moved with their mother, Valerie, to Canada where they have lived for almost forty years .   

In "After The Music- The Daughters’ Story " Rachel and Kelly search for their connection to the charismatic and beautiful young man who was their father, allowing themselves to imagine what might have been, in his life as a musician, and in theirs as his family. 

The documentary is a moving account of loss and rediscovery.

RTE Radio One - Saturday 19th December 2015 at 2.00pm. 

Produced by Susan McKay with Tim Desmond.

Sound supervision by Richard McCullagh