Zac, Luke and Clara are three children living in Ireland. Very far away in America, is another little girl they don't know - Molly Brockie. And what Molly is doing could have a profound impact on the lives of children like Luke, Zac and Clara.

All four of these children have Angelman Syndrome - a rare genetic disorder that affects cognitive ability, sleep patterns and communication.

1 in 18 thousand kids are born with it everyday and around 350 cases in Ireland

Aisling Cullen and her husband Frank have the only set of identical twins with the condition in Ireland. The five year old twins, Luke and Zac, need constant care. With four other sons, their lives are very busy indeed.

Sarah Roarty is mother to Clara. When Clara was diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome, Sarah left the hospital with nothing but a list of symptoms and a phone number in England. Sarah decided to set up Angelman Ireland in 2011 to support the Irish families living with Angelman Syndrome.

Eight year old Molly Brockie lives in Michigan. She is taking part in clinical trials to test a drug called Minocycline which researchers hope may help many of the symptoms of Angelman Syndrome

As the drug trials get under way in America, this documentary follows these three families over the course of a year while they wait and hope for news that could change their lives.

First Broadcast June 22nd 2013.

Narrated by Erik Threlfall.

Produced by Helena Gallagher.

Production supervision by Nicoline Greer.

Sound supervision by Richard McCullough.

For further information on Angelman Syndrome and support available in Ireland: Angelman Syndrome Ireland

For further information on the global research into finding therapeutics for treating Angelman Syndrome: Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics (FAST)

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