"No Place like Home" tells the story of the residents of Sundial House, a long term housing project in Dublin for men and women who have lived for long periods of time on the streets and have alcohol problems.

Sundial House is one of Ireland's most unusual housing projects. It is described as a 'wet hostel' which means that residents there can drink alcohol.

The Documentary on One goes inside Sundial House to meet its residents, as they eat, sleep, laugh, play and fight together.

The documentary also follows Jenia, a Ukranian volunteer who has spent a year volunteering in Sundial house, as she prepares to leave the house and the people she has met over her year working there.

It is a story about addiction, homelessness, hope, and the struggle of everyday life for the residents.

Narrated and produced by Brian Kenny.

Production Supervision by Leslie Rosin.

Sound supervision by Mark Dwyer.

First Broadcast 3rd November 2012

This documentary was made as part of the European Broadcasting Union's Masterschool for Young Documentary Makers.

Sundial House is run by De Paul Ireland.

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