Michael O'Hickey (12 March 1860 – 1916) was an Irish Catholic priest and professor of Irish at Maynooth College and an Irish language campaigner.

Michael O'Hickey was born in Carrickbeg, County Waterford, Ireland. He was an active member of the Gaelic League and studied under the noted Irish scholar Sean Plemion.

His conduct in the controversy over Irish as a matriculation subject for the new National University of Ireland really brought him to prominence. He publicly attacked Cardinal Logue and other members of the hierarchy as a ‘worthless faction’ and authors of ‘squalid and foolish apostasy’. He the clashed with the Bishops and establishment. The upshot of it all was that he was dismissed in 1909 from his position as Professor of Irish.

He received support for many Irish Nationalist and language activists, and some of his colleagues such as the Theology Professor in Maynooth Walter McDonald.

He appealed the decisison to Rome with assistance of Dr Walter McDonald. He travelled to Italy in 1910, eventually making it to Rome - but alas, he was met with an unfavourable verdict.

6 yrs later, he passed away in his brothers house in Portlaw, Co. Waterford.

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