Despite its geographical isolation the community of Grand Bruit had been home to many Newfoundland families since the early 1800s. Now the ferry no longer runs, no roads lead there and the place is empty.

Following the collapse of the cod fishery in 1992 life in fishing communities across Newfoundland began to deteriorate. Reasons for young people to stay became scarce as survival in Grand Bruit proved increasingly difficult. A financial offer by the government followed by a community vote determined that the last residents of Grand Bruit were to be resettled to larger outports at the end of June 2010.

Jiri Slavicinsky’s documentary captures the resettlement through the story of Sheila and Jerry, natives of Grand Bruit. Jiri accompanied the couple and a few of their neighbours as they spent a part of the summer in the resettled community. While fishing, partying and cooking with them, visiting their favourite places or just wandering the community, he creates a sound picture of one vanishing Newfoundland outport.

Last Summer in Grand Bruit is a personal story about rural Canada disappearing, a current story about an increasingly urbanized world and a tender story about the meaning of home.

This programme was first broadcast on Tuesday July 5, 2011 on CBC Newfoundland and Labrador.

A radio feature by Jiri Slavicinsky. Consultant: Chris Brookes.

Narrated by Berni Stapleton.

Produced by Battery Radio in St. John’s, Canada, 2010

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