In this documentary from the Mooney Goes Wild team, naturalist and author, Eric Dempsey fulfils a lifelong ambition when he comes face to face with one of the world's most elusive creatures, the Wolf.

In the short time since wolves have emerged from the shadows of misunderstanding and fear, people's fascination with wolves have grown. In this documentary, Eric Dempsey examines the primal fear of the wolf that lies within many of us. Has this fear been generated by European stories like Little Red Ridinghood or the association of wolves with Bram Stokers 'Dracula'. or is there another reason?

Eric looks at the history of wolves in Ireland from the ancient fossil records to more modern times and looks at the place the wolf has in Irish mythology. Travelling to Germany, he discovers the status of wolves and the threats they face in Europe and across the world. He also discovers that mans best friend, the dog, is in fact a direct descendant of the wolf..the wolf in the livingroom! In Germany he also comes face-to-face with captive wolves and speaks with wolf experts on the habitats and behaviour of wild wolves. Finally, Eric makes a journey of discovery to the mid-western United States in search of wild wolves.

There, he experiences wolves first hand, hearing the haunting sounds of wolves howling across the snow covered plains of the Lamar Valley in theYellowstone National Park at dawn. He meets both wolf experts and fans, and questions why the wolf holds such a fascination for these enthusiasts.

"To look into the eyes of a wolf is to discover the spirit of the wild" says Eric Demspey.

Presented by Eric Dempsey

Produced by Derek Mooney

An Irish radio documentary from RTÉ Radio 1, Ireland - Documentary on One - the home of Irish radio documentaries