We all know the story, we're in the middle of a Global Pandemic, it's tough. But some people make it better, we all know them, the ones who quietly go about the business of making life easier for the rest of us.

So we want to find out more about these people. We want to know who's making the difference in your life, we're looking for the good guys, the frontline workers, the GAA coaches, the guys and girls who volunteer in communities across the country and help others and their communities, we're talking the Hometown Heroes!

And with International Credit Union Day, happening on Thursday (Oct 15th), and because of the role credit unions play in communities across the country, Current Account, from your Credit Union, have come on board with us.

 Thanks to them we've €5,000 to donate to charities and communities causes. All you need to do, to get some of that cash for your cause is nominate someone as your Hometown Hero.

 Plus, all the Hometown Heroes we feature on the show will go into a draw, where one of them will win a much deserved "Priceless Ireland break" in a 5* hotel, courtesy of Mastercard.

So, if you know someone that helps out with the local meals on wheels, the local youth club, or maybe even someone who's been cutting your elderly neighbour’s grass for months, do something for them, and nominate them as your Hometown Hero. 

Text hometownhero to 51552 or email Jen@rte.ie with all the details and let us tell the nation about your local legend.

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