Introducing RTÉ 2FM's Behind The Track

Us music fans are often obsessives. We want to know everything we can about our favourite artists and musicians. Social media and interviews give a certain amount of insight, but there's nothing like digging deeper and discovering how your favourite tracks came to be.

2FM's 'Behind The Track' provides a fly on the wall insight into how some of our favourite tracks are made. Each episode breaks down song and video elements to give a fascinating insight into how hit songs are conceived, created and delivered.

This 3 part series takes a look at the making of 'Up De Flats' by Gemma Dunleavy, 'Dublin' by Sello and 'Shark Eyes' by Sorcha Richardson.

Episode 1: Sorcha Richardson takes us on a journey through the creative process behind her track ‘Shark Eyes’.

Episode 2: SELLO talks about his track 'Dublin' and how it was created.

Episode 3: Gemma Dunleavy breaks down her track 'Up De Flats'.

Behind The Track was created and produced by TinPot productions for 2FM as part of IRP (Independant Radio Productions)