RTÉ Player International FAQ

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Q1.What is RTÉ Player International?

RTÉ Player International is a new enhanced worldwide Video on Demand iOS app for international audiences (outside of Ireland). Watch 500 hours of great Irish television, catch up on the latest just-aired TV programmes for up to 21 days and enjoy a great selection of box sets and collections featuring some of Ireland’s most popular shows on demand.

The new iOS app offers a wide range of free programmes as well as additional paid for content, covering many genres including; News and Current Affairs, Comedy, Entertainment, Documentaries, Drama, Lifestyle, Irish Language and Kids. Content will be refreshed regularly and new programmes will be added to the service weekly.

To access the premium content, users must register and subscribe through the app. The new enhanced RTÉ Player International service is available for iOS devices, supporting iOS7+. For up-to-date information see RTÉ Player International.

Q2.Why should I subscribe?

A monthly subscription will give you instant access to unlimited content on the app without advertisements. If you subscribe to the monthly subscription offer, you will be billed once per month on the date that you originally signed up.

Q3.What sports can I watch?

We will offer sport on the service where we have international rights. To watch Gaelic Games internationally, visit GAAGO’s online streaming offering www.gaago.ie

Q4.What live content can I watch?

There will be live news and live entertainment programming available to watch regularly. We will also show a number of bespoke live events and special programmes throughout the course of the year e.g. St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Rose of Tralee, Eurovision, 1916 Commemorative events and other live events.

Q5.Will the same content be available in every country?

RTÉ Player International is available worldwide (outside of Ireland). The content will vary slightly in each country due to various rights agreements.

Q6.For what length of time are programmes available on the app?

Select recently aired content from RTÉ One and RTÉ2 television will be available on the service for up to 21 days. For other content, the length of time that is available on RTÉ Player International can vary, depending on the video-on-demand rights. Information on the programme availability can be viewed on the programme page.

Q7.Are there advertisements on this service?

A monthly subscription will give you unlimited access to the full range of content on the app without advertisements. If you are solely accessing the free content, advertisements will be shown ahead of programmes, except for children's programmes.

Q8.Does the app offer parental control?

Parental control can be enabled to help prevent children from watching programmes intended for a Mature Audience. The Parental Control PIN is not designed to be 100% secure and it is the parent's responsibility to ensure that their children are watching content that is appropriate for their age.

Q9.Can I download and watch content when I am offline?

This is a streaming only service and due to rights restrictions content cannot be downloaded.

Q10.How can I have the best viewing experience?

We recommend that you have a minimum broadband speed of at least 1Mbps. All streaming services are subject to buffering dependent on the users connection speed. The new service will use adaptive streaming to reduce any potential buffering impact. For optimal viewing, we recommend that you have high speed broadband.

Q11.Does the RTÉ Player International sync between different iOS devices?

The new enhanced iOS app is available on all apple devices supporting iOS7+, including iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and iPod Touch. Currently the service does not sync between devices, however we would hope to make this feature available in the future.

Q12.I have a payment related query, who should I contact?

Payments, refunds and cancellations for the RTÉ Player International subscription service is managed and controlled by iTunes. All queries related to iTunes Store payments should be deferred to Apple customer support team. Users can manage their subscription within their iTunes Account including choosing an alternative duration option and switching off auto-renew for the next renewal date.

Q13.I am experiencing technical difficulties, who should I contact?

You should first check that you have a strong internet or wifi signal and that it is delivering enough bandwidth to stream the content. We recommend that you have a minimum broadband speed of at least 1Mbps. If you are having technical issues with your broadband speed, then we recommend that you contact your internet service provider.

Q14.My query relates to another issue, who should I contact?

You can email our customer service team playerinternational.feedback@rte.ie

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