Passengers subdued a gunman on an Amsterdam to Paris train on 21 August

European ministers agree tighter rail security

29 Aug European ministers and officials have agreed to reinforce railway security, particularly on international lines, and urged the European Commission to amend Schengen border codes after the recent foiled attack on a train in northern France.

Families wait for prisoners to be released in a 2013 amnesty

Vietnam to free over 18,000 prisoners

28 Aug Vietnam has said it will free more than 18,200 prisoners to mark its independence day celebrations, but political activists will be excluded from the country's second biggest-ever amnesty.

Up to 40 jobs will be lost at Aer Arann Islands with the loss of contract

News in Brief

28 Aug A round-up of news stories from at home and around the world

Alexis Tsipras' party was supported by 23% of those polled

Poll suggests Syriza leading ahead of election

28 Aug The first authoritative opinion poll published since Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras resigned last week suggests his leftist Syriza party is leading the opposition conservatives ahead of elections on 20 September.

Vester Flanagan went on the air under the name Bryce Williams

Virginia gunman had history of workplace issues

27 Aug The gunman in the shooting deaths of two television journalists in Virginia yesterday was a veteran anchorman with a history of workplace grievances who had previously sued a Florida station alleging discrimination because he was black.