The Brazilian court case in which Pat Hickey was expected to testify at the end of November has been suspended. 

Mr Hickey became embroiled in a ticket-selling scandal at last year's Rio Games.

The Supreme Court in Brasilia confirmed tonight that an injunction to suspend the case, already granted to THG executive Kevin Mallon, extends to all others listed in the case, namely former OCI President Pat Hickey, and Barbara Carnieri, who was arrested alongside Mr Mallon in a hotel in the suburbs of Rio, on the eve of last year's Olympic Games.

Both Mr Hickey and Mr Mallon were due to appear at a local court in Rio de Janeiro on the afternoon of 29 November, in what is known locally as a "Conciliation, Instruction and Judgement" audience, in which the judge would hear witnesses for the prosecution and defence. 

Both men protest their innocence.

Thirteen witnesses were listed for the prosecution, and it is thought that it would take a couple of weeks to hear all testimony. 

Following this, legal teams would have further opportunity to submit further written defence, based on what was heard.

It was expected that the final judgement would not be heard until February 2018, after the judge had analysed all evidence.

A spokesperson for the Supreme Court confirmed tonight "the decision to suspend the case with respect to Kevin Mallon extends to all of the accused in this process". 

The case will remain suspended until the judge in capital city Brasilia analyses the Habeas Corpus claim.

While clarity could not be given on how long this might take, it is thought that a decision should not drag out in the courts for long, as in Brazil criminal cases tend to be processed more quickly than civil matters.