Two weeks ago, one man was going skint.

He was digging deep into almost empty pockets while trying to carry a limp campaign. His days were numbered.

But somehow, within a matter of hours, he managed to become a serious contender as Democratic nominee for president of the United States.

"We've seen Joe Biden go from a joke to a juggernaut" as Van Jones, American political commentator said.

This is the tale of old-timers.

Joe Biden, The Revenant, defied the polls and political commentators to nudge the revolutionary trouble-maker, Bernie Sanders out of the top spot.

He became the comeback kid.

Initially a front runner in the race, he had quickly came under pressure. Poor debate performances, the tendency ramble, confusion over which race he was in - resulted in a massive decline in support and faith.

Joe Biden had a dismal opening to the primary season in Election 2020. Everyone thought he would call it a day.

But then something happened. South Carolina. It changed everything for the former Vice President.

He scooped endorsements, re-ignited faith in his candidacy and became what many thought wasn't possible: electable.

With copious amounts of Cher and Ferrero Rocher, RTÉ’s Washington Correspondent Brian O’Donovan and the Foreign Desk’s Jackie Fox go through this week’s States of Mind as they pop the hood on Joe Biden’s bangwagon as doubt lingers over its roadworthiness.

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