New US tariffs take effect from today on a range of European Union goods, including Irish butter, cheese, liqueurs and pork products.

The move is likely to affect well-known Irish brands such as Baileys and Kerrygold.

Earlier this month, the US Trade Representative's Office released a list of hundreds of European products that will be subjected to new 25% tariffs in retaliation for EU aircraft subsidies.

The World Trade Organisation authorised the US to impose duties on $7.5 billion worth of European goods after it decided that the EU failed to end subsidies for Airbus.

The EU is pushing for tariffs of around $10bn on American goods in a parallel process to be decided by the WTO early next year.

Yesterday, Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe held talks with the Trump administration on the imposition of US tariffs on Irish goods.

Mr Donohoe is in Washington for a series of meetings and raised the issue of tariffs with the Acting White House Chief of Staff, Mick Mulvaney. 

They discussed the fact that Ireland has not been involved in the issues that are at heart of the current application of tariffs.

"It's clear we all need to re-engage now on what the future trading relationship between the EU and America will be and maybe that might provide a way in which this issue can be alleviated," Mr Donohoe said. 

Mr Donohoe acknowledged that the tariffs will take effect, but said he will be raising the issue with US officials and looking at possible alternatives.

"I will use my time in Washington to again emphasise that these tariffs will have an effect of the flow of trade, to outline what those consequences will be and to see if in the coming weeks and months, there are other ways of resolving these issues that don’t involve tariffs," he said.