Parks and civic buildings across Northern Ireland have aired live feeds of the funeral of Britian's Queen Elizabeth.

Large screens were brought in to broadcast the funeral procession and service at Westminster Abbey.

Belfast City Hall and other venues across Northern Ireland set up big screens so people could gather to watch the state funeral together.

Coleraine Town Hall began airing proceedings from 8am, while the People's Park in Ballymena and Shaftesbury Park in Carrickfergus streamed the feed from 9.30am.

Hundreds of foreign dignitaries and charity representatives are among those who join the royal family in the abbey for the service.

Peter Sheridan of Co-operation Ireland, which is among the charities the late queen was a patron of, said he was honoured to attend the funeral and reflected on the Queen's "gestures of healing".

Last night at 8pm, a minute's silence was held at locations across Northern Ireland to mourn the death of the queen and reflect on her life and legacy.

At Hillsborough Castle, the royal residence in Northern Ireland, a gong was sounded as the minute's silence began, which prompted the crowd gathered at the castle gates to bow their heads.

Robin Campbell, from Royal Hillsborough, said he came to the castle last night "to join with the rest of the nation in the minute's silence for Her Majesty the Queen, to remember her".

He said he would watch the funeral with his family.

"The plan is to spend it with my family, my mother and father, my partner and our children. It's a family occasion.

"It's such an historic event, sad but also celebratory in that she's also left a great legacy for us all to follow."

In Belfast, people gathered at West Belfast Orange Hall's memorial garden ahead of the minute's silence.

William Humphrey, chairman of the hall committee and a former member of the Northern Ireland Assembly, told those who gathered that the Queen was respected "not just as our monarch, but as an international stateswoman".

"I think it's fair to say that for all of us, and that's right across the country, the queen's passing was like someone in our own family passing, and I think that pays tribute to how she was loved across every household in the kingdom."

The funeral comes almost a week after King Charles III made his first visit to Northern Ireland as the UK's new head of state.

Charles met politicians at Hillsborough Castle before he and the Queen Consort attended a memorial service in the Queen's honour at St Anne's Cathedral in Belfast.

Charles and Camilla also greeted some members of the public who had gathered to catch a glimpse of the new monarch, and to convey their condolences at the loss of his mother.