Changes to many of Northern Ireland's constituency boundaries are being proposed after a review.

If adopted they would see two of the 18 constituencies' names changed and others have electoral areas amended.

That would mean some towns and villages which have been in the existing constituencies for years shifted into new ones.

The proposed changes are subject to public consultation and potential review before final recommendations are made.

They're not expected until July 2023.

They process will be closely scrutinised by politicians who will have a keen interest in the impact of the changes on their electoral fortunes.

In particular constituencies such as Fermanagh South Tyrone and North Belfast which have been keenly contested in the past will be put under the spotlight.

The moves are being proposed by Northern Ireland's Boundary Commission.

They're required to bring population numbers in the various constituencies into line with UK law.

Eleven of the 18 constituencies are currently outside of the population range requirement.

Two of them would have their names changed under the proposals.

Belfast South would become Belfast South and Mid Down.

The Strangford constituency would be renamed Strangford and Quoile.