A former British soldier facing prosecution for the murders of two people on Bloody Sunday is due to appear in court in Derry in August.

Solider F is to be charged with the murders of James Wray and William McKinney.

The former member of the Parachute Regiment will also be charged with the attempted murders of four men during a civil rights march in Derry in January 1972.

The Public Prosecution Service has confirmed in a letter, to relatives of those that he is alleged to have shot, that papers will be served on the accused at some point next month.

It adds that a first court appearance will be listed for August, and the accused "will be summonsed to Derry Magistrates Court."

The decision to hold the trial in Derry has been welcomed by solicitors representing the majority of relatives of those killed and wounded.

The relatives had feared that pressure from military campaign groups and Unionist and Conservative politicians would result in the trial being held in Britain.

Ciarán Shiels, a partner in Madden & Finucane Solicitors, said the company has been in continuing correspondence with the PPS about the prosecution.

"We made submissions that Soldier F should face criminal proceedings in Derry as it was in this city where the crimes we say he committed took place," he said.

"Those we represent are pleased that those submissions have been heeded."