A 40-year-old man arrested over the deaths of three teenagers at a St Patrick’s Day event in Co Tyrone has failed in a legal bid to force the police to release him from custody.

The man, who has been granted anonymity, was arrested on Tuesday afternoon on suspicion of manslaughter and has been questioned at Dungannon police station.

Under legislation, the PSNI could question him for 36 hours before applying for more time.

The man has now been held for longer than that time, but the police revealed earlier today that he has only been questioned for a short period because of unspecified medical reasons.

The PSNI said this meant the "custodial clock" had been stopped and that he could be held for a longer period before an application for more time was needed.

Lawyers acting for the man went to the High Court in Belfast this afternoon and asked for an order directing his immediate release.

It was revealed in court that the man, referred to as XX, had been taken to hospital twice for psychiatric assessments and that police had only been able to question him for 60 minutes since his arrest.

His lawyers said these trips, lasting for a combined 17 hours, did not count as a medical treatment that allowed the police to stop the clock on his detention period.

They argued that the time he could be legally held ran out earlier today.

But two judges dismissed the application, saying there was "no merit" in the legal challenge.

"We harbour no doubt that the words medical treatment must include, in the context of this challenge, psychiatric assessment or evaluation or examination," said Mr Justice McCloskey.

Students Lauren Bullock, 17, Connor Currie, 16, and Morgan Barnard, 17, died after an apparent crush at the Greenvale Hotel in Cookstown on Sunday.

Earlier, a man arrested on suspicion of manslaughter was released on bail.

The 52-year-old man will return for "further questioning at a future date", the PSNI said.