The Justice Minister has said she believes the Government needs to look at introducing payments for people who provide accommodation to Ukrainian citizens coming to Ireland.

Speaking on RTÉ's Prime Time this evening, Helen McEntee said that if such a payment were to be introduced, it would apply to those offering up full properties, as well as people offering a room in their homes.

Minister McEntee said that there are a lot vacant homes that are not being used.

"I think it's something we need to look at," she said, adding that there is a fund being developed at EU level to help European countries assist Ukrainian citizens.

The Minister said that this issue is being explored at the moment.

She said the issue is not before the Cabinet tomorrow, but if it is something the Government is going to do, then she anticipates it would be brought forward in the coming weeks.

Minister McEntee said that in the 7 weeks since the war began, more than 22,000 Ukrainian people have arrived in Ireland.

At the current rate, in a further 7 weeks, we could expect to see that number rise to 45,000, she said.