The Government has announced a pledge register which will enable the public to give support to Ukrainian refugees.

The online portal, run in conjunction with the Red Cross, will include offers of accommodation.

Where do I register to accommodate Ukrainian refugees?

Go on to the Irish Red Cross website on and look for the register of pledges. The direct link to the register is

What happens after I register?

Operators working on behalf of Red Cross will contact you in the coming weeks asking for further details, to get a sense of what is on offer, and they will explain some of the scenarios that may arise.

What kind of detail will they be seeking?

They will be looking for information about the property. Is it shared? Is there a spare bedroom? Is there an en suite? Is it a "stand alone" house. Where is the house? Is there access to public transport? Is there a family living in the house?

A young refugee girl fleeing Ukraine peers out the window as she arrives at Zahony, Hungary

Will someone want to see the property?

Prospective accommodation will be vetted in the main by the Red Cross. Someone will call to make sure it is what you have described.

Do Ukrainian people get any say regarding where they live?

The Irish Red Cross is also setting up a website for the Ukrainian people to register their interest. The accommodation pledger is then matched with the refugee.

How long should I expect to host those I have pledged to accommodate?

A commitment of six months to a year will be sought. However, in the current environment the Red Cross says many Ukrainians want to come for a shorter period and then go back home. While the Irish Red Cross says it will talk to people about a shorter period, the initial pledge is for six months to one year.

Who covers the cost?

Most people pledge free gratis. However, there are times where the Red Cross "steps in" if households need to be supported. In this situation, it says that will be shared between the Government and the Irish Red Cross.

Refugees fleeing Ukraine arrive at Zahony train station in Hungary

Can I contact the Red Cross after I have accommodated people?

The Irish Red Cross says it is there to offer guidance and support. They want refugees to settle as best they can and to support the pledger. It says previous initiatives have shown "extraordinary relationships" developed with Irish families.

What does the term stand-alone pledge mean?

A stand-alone pledge is where you pledge a house, or you pledge an apartment. A refugee family will typically live there by themselves.

What is a shared pledge?

A shared pledge is where there is one room available, preferably with an en suite room and you are offering it for a period. In this case, you are inviting people to your home.

Has a register of pledges ever been created before?

There was a register of pledges when Syrians came to Ireland, but it took a long time for the Red Cross to contact people on the ground which frustrated those that were interested in helping. The Red Cross says it has learned lessons from the past and this will enable the current register to work.