A rapper who woke up to find Boris Johnson in his flat as he took part in a police raid has said the British Prime Minister has funded his career, after video footage of the incident went viral.

Splinter Sales, who did not wish to be known by his full name, was awoken at about 6am as police broke down the door of his shared flat in south-east London yesterday before the property was searched.

He told Matt Chorley on UK station Times Radio today: "If I tell you what happened I feel like I'm lying because it feels like a dream.

"I'm a heavy sleeper, I woke up to 'It's the police!' but the night before I was a bit drunk. So, I was thinking, 'okay, might be not real', you know.

"Then I heard my door get kicked in, saying that this is real. Then I've seen Boris and I'm saying 'what the... What's going on... Is this real?"'

He added: "Every single bit seems surreal. Because even from the start when I'm hearing 'police' I figured 'why are you lot here, I haven't done a single thing'. So that discombobulated me. And then to see Boris. This is a dream ... it wasn't real."

The British Prime Minister joined officers working as part of the Metropolitan Police's Specialist Crime Command teams on a raid targeting drug line operators as part of a series of engagements during the final days of his premiership.

A man in his twenties was arrested in York Hill, Lambeth, on suspicion of supplying class A drugs, as part of the operation.

However, Splinter Sales told Times Radio that he was not arrested by police during the raid.

"I think it's like, wrong identity I will say. Because they've come, then even said 'you're not the guy we're looking for'," he said.

"Then to top it off if they haven't arrested me for anything, he took back the handcuffs. So I was thinking in hindsight 'cool, fair enough'. I just met the Prime Minister of our country.

"But I've got no door and I just got put in handcuffs for no reason. I was so confused. That's the highest level of confusion I've been in what, 25 years of life, honestly."

In the viral video of the raid originally posted to TikTok, Boris Johnson stands in the hallway of the property wearing a police vest as Splinter asks him "Wagwan (What's going on) Boris?"

The rapper told Sarah Montague on BBC's World at One that the British Prime Minister replied "something like, 'How do you how do?"' in response.

When Ms Montague asked him how he looked back on the experience, he said: "It definitely was a good thing. Sometimes you have to take the bad with the good, the good with the bad.

"In this scenario, say the bad with the good. Because, for example, I'm a recording artist, I haven't released in a long time, I've been working, I've had other businesses.

"What's weird is after Boris left yesterday, I released a video. For me, I'll be honest, it's great promotion to be honest. Boris funded my career, he did."