British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has dismissed suggestions that the Brexit transition period will have to be extended because of the coronavirus.

Labour MP Stephen Kinnock (Aberavon) said that current negotiations between the UK and the EU are absorbing a "tremendous amount of government time and attention".

Suggesting that the time had come to request an extension to the transition period, Mr Kinnock said: "Could I just press (Mr Raab) on this issue of the talks on the future relationship with the European Union?

"They're incredibly complex and multifaceted talks, they're absorbing a tremendous amount of government time and attention.

"Rather than trying to fight this war on two fronts, if you like, and stretching government bandwidth to breaking point, surely the time is now coming to request an extension to the transition period and it's better to do that than to put ideology ahead of the health and safety of the British people."

Mr Raab responded: "I'm sure (Mr Kinnock) would never put his ideological desire to stay in the EU ahead of the practical diplomacy that we face in the months ahead.

"But I understand why he's asked the question. I think that, as far as I'm aware, the negotiations can still proceed given all of the logistical arrangements that have been put in place.

"We're confident that we can get this done and, actually, I don't think delaying Brexit negotiations would give anyone the certainty on either side of the Channel that they need."