Colleagues of Trevor O'Neill, who worked for Dublin City Council, form a guard of honour

Mourners told of Trevor O'Neill's love for life

15.03 Mourners at the funeral of Trevor O'Neill, who was shot dead while on holidays in Spain in a case of mistaken identity two weeks ago, have heard that he was full of life, laughs and stories.

At the heart of the controversy are two of Apple's subsidiaries

Blog: Apple money will be resting in our account

17.27 There is one fundamental truth which cannot be escaped from the Apple controversy: the company paid virtually no tax on vast swaths of its sales, writes RTÉ's Business Editor David Murphy.

Relatives attend funeral mass for victims of the recent earthquake in Italy

Italy to hold mass funeral for earthquake vicitms

18.01 More than two dozen coffins were laid out in a marquee today ahead of a state funeral for some of the victims of an earthquake which levelled communities in central Italy last week, killing at least 292 people.

The Health Information and Quality Authority has published 11 reports on residential services

Major non-compliance found at disability centres

29 Aug HIQA has found major non-compliance issues at four disability residential centres ranging from inadequate food and nutrition to medication not being administered on time and accusations of abuse not being dealt with appropriately.

Gene Wilder, who has died aged 83

Tributes paid to comedy great Gene Wilder

29 Aug Gene Wilder, the comedy actor who shone in such movies as The Producers, Blazing Saddles, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and Stir Crazy, has died aged 83.

Lucy's upper-arm bones were shattered by the impact of the fall

Mysterious death solved three million years later

29 Aug Lucy, an ancient ape-like human relative, met a brutal end when she plummeted from a tree, new analysis of the famous fossil suggests, resolving the three million-year-old mystery of how she died.