TikTok has announced changes to its policies for accounts belonging to political parties, politicians and governments.

Solicitation for campaign fundraising will be disallowed which means the banning of content such as videos from politicians asking for donations, or political parties directing people to donation pages on their websites.

The video sharing app says that political accounts will no longer be able to access advertising features on TikTok and will also be prohibited from accessing other monetisation features like gifting, tipping, and e-commerce.

The changes will come into force over the coming weeks.

"These changes build on TikTok's existing policies of prohibiting harmful misinformation and banning political advertising and are designed to promote a positive environment that brings people together, not divide them," the company said.

Accounts belonging to politicians and political parties will automatically have their access to advertising features turned off, which TikTok says will help it more consistently enforce its policies.

"We recognise that there will be occasions where governments may need access to our ads services, such as to support public health and safety and access to information, like advertising Covid-19 booster campaigns," TikTok said.

"We will continue to allow government organisations to advertise in limited circumstances, and they will be required to be working with a TikTok representative," the company added.