A new data-based system to help physiotherapists, sports coaches and doctors assess and monitor patients recovering from concussion has been developed by scientists based in Ireland, in collaboration with industry.

The platform, called KIDUKU, can quickly provide doctors with simple sensor readings that are taken using cheap, widely available technology.

The results are delivered via smartphones which are connected to the cloud and include indicators such as gait, posture and balance.

The system was built through collaboration between engineers, software programmers, data visualisation experts and physiotherapists.

It allows experts to gather accurate baseline results in healthy athletes which can then be used for comparison during the concussion recovery process.

It was developed over three years by scientists at the UCD-led Insight Centre for Data Analytics who worked with engineers at Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd in Kawasaki in Japan.

"Traditional monitoring of concussion is based on in-clinic observation and patient reports," says Professor Brian Caulfield, director of the Insight Centre for Data Analytics and UCD Dean of Physiotherapy.

"Patients routinely perform better in standard motion tests under observation. By analysing data from these sensors whilst in the home or exercising, we can get a more accurate picture of how a patient is moving and balancing."