Ten facts to sum up orbiter Rosetta and robot lab Philae, Europe's comet-chasing duo.
10 years and eight months: How long Rosetta and its payload Philae spent together after their launch on 2 March 2004.

6.5 billion kilometres: The distance they travelled together before Philae ejected and headed towards 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.

510 million kilometres: Current distance of comet from Earth.

18km per second: The speed at which the comet and its orbiter are zipping towards the Sun.

3.5km/h: The pace of Philae's expected landing.

22.5km: The approximate height at which Rosetta released Philae.

Seven: Roughly the number of days that Philae can work without its batteries getting a solar recharge.

28 minutes and 20 seconds: The time it will take signals from Rosetta to reach Earth.

€1.3 billion: The total cost of the mission - equivalent to the price of about four Airbus A380 jetliners.

Ten: The number of science instruments on board Philae, adding to 11 on Rosetta.