Cameras have been installed in the cabins of Argentinian commuter trains as a new security measure, leading to some worrying results.

The footage captured so far shows drivers reading books, using mobile phones and even sleeping while driving the trains.

Interior and Transport Minister Florencio Randazzo released the video on Wednesday as he announced new measures designed to improve train safety.

The cameras were installed after the country's latest deadly commuter train crash, which killed three people  outside Buenos Aires in June.

"What is certain is that within a month of having installed these cameras, they have given us compelling results. And they have clarified much on the behaviour and actions of train drivers," Mr Randazzo told reporters at a news conference in Buenos Aires.

Mr Randazzo said the drivers caught on video not doing their jobs have been fired or disciplined.

He also announced a number of new measures to prevent operators from slacking off.

Mr Randazzo said all drivers, guards and signalmen must now pass a physical inspection when they report for work each day, including a blood-oxygen test to guard against falling asleep or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

This latest revelation comes in the wake of a number of high profile train crashes in Canada, France and Spain in recent weeks.

The driver of the train that crashed in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, killing 79 people, told a judge that he was talking by phone to the train's on-board ticket inspector moments before the accident.