An experiment launched with the twin aims of testing the limits of Boyle's Law and bringing tweets from Ireland to the edge of space appears to have been successful.

TalkToEU's #tweetsinspace experiment involved the release in Co Kerry of a weather balloon carrying an HD camera.

Attached was a second regular balloon with Irish scientist Robert Boyle's face on it.

The team hope to have recorded how Boyle's balloon inflated, expanded and eventually exploded as the air pressure outside decreased.

As well as sending the balloons and video camera up in the air, TalkToEU also included a screen displaying tweets sent using the #tweetsinspace hashtag

TalkToEU says this was "so users can tweet to the edge of space".

The team is used GPS tracking to locate the popped balloon and the video footage on the Cork/Tipperary border.

The overall point of the experiment is to raise awareness of the funding available from the EU for Irish scientists.