Trials of a new boat designed and built by a company in Cork has yielded dramatic footage of its ability to manoeuvre in ten metre waves.

The trials were carried out at Roche's Point, near the entrance to Cork Harbour.

Former naval diver Ciaran Monks acknowledging the rough conditions said:" Pilot boats have to be able to go to sea in all weathers and these were perfect conditions for sea trials. We were very pleased with the results."

Safe Haven is a supplier of pilot and search and rescue boats and has become very successful in a niche market.

The company is currently building a lifeboat for the Faroe Islands rescue service.

All of its boats are self-righting, so they can cope with a capsize.

Frank Kowalksi of Safe Haven Marine in Cork said that: "The trials showed the boat has exceptional sea-keeping abilities", If the boat rolls, the occupants will be rolled around but they will be dry inside".