Filming gets under way this Sunday on the first Bollywood blockbuster to be made in Ireland.

The filming will bring about €1.5m to the economy and create just over 1,000 short-term jobs.

‘Ek the Tiger’ tells the tale of man sent to Dublin on a secret mission, who falls in love with a woman studying at a fictional dance academy at Trinity College.

Many of the filming locations are a secret to avoid crowds because the film features two of Bollywood's biggest stars - Katrina Kaif, one of the highest paid lead females, and Salman Khan, a heartthrob carrying the title of Bollywood's bad-boy.

It is directed by award-winning director Kabir Khan.

He explained that he needed an impressive university building for the storyline and did not wish to use a British university as they appeared so often on television and in film.

He had been at Trinity College some years ago to make a documentary and so decided to use it as a location in the film.

A singing-and-dancing number will be filmed on the streets of Dublin.

The exact location has yet to be decided but it will be in the vacinity of Trinity College.

Dublin is central to the romantic plot of the movie.

The singing and dancing movie is co-production with the Oscar-winning Irish company Fantastic Films, who are providing a lot of the pre-production services and local crews.

11 Indian films have made here before, but never a blockbuster from Bollywood.

It is hoped the movie will be released next June.

And yes... they will be requiring Irish extras!!