A British paraplegic pilot has touched down in Sydney after flying all the way from England in a microlight.

Dave Sykes covered some 19,300km after leaving the northern English city of York on 28 April.

The event reached an emotional climax as the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge came into view.

"I thought this is what I've planned two years for, this is the actual final flight of it all and I just couldn't stop smiling really," Mr Sykes told Sky News.

His achievement was all the more remarkable given that he lost the use of his legs following a motorcycle crash in 1993.

Raising money for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance charity, the 43-year-old battled dust storms, torrential rain and an electric storm over Burma.

"There was a big flash and the aircraft shuddered with a lightning strike at the side of me, and it blew all the fuses out on the instruments," he said.

The pilot said he will take a regular passenger flight back to England after putting the microlight onto a container ship.