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About the Piece

Celestine Cooney is, she says, living the ‘Irish fairytale dream’.

She is one of London’s top stylists and has worked for Dazed and Confused, Vogue and V Magazine. She is now the Fashion Director for the fashion book, Twin Magazine.

Born in Meath, Celestine spent her childhood meandering in the fields, playing by the Wishing tree at Tara Hill and riding horses. She says she treasures this uniquely Irish childhood as the biggest influence in her career to date.

After boarding school, she moved to Dublin to study fine art film. Fashion was never the plan: ‘I didn’t choose fashion; fashion chose me’.

After moving to London, Celestine recalls her fondest ‘Irish moment’ when she arrived to a fashion shoot being photographed by David Bailey.

When asked where she was delivering the clothing samples from, she responded, innocently yet proudly, ‘Ireland’, and not the magazine she was then working for, Dazed and Confused.

For the last four years, Celestine has been living in the culturally diverse east part of London – another influential element in her work.

She has surrounded herself with an inspiring creative hub, including photographers Niall O’Brien, Boo George and, Neil Gavin, and her muse, Simone Rocha of the John Rocha fashion monarch.

In this interview with Celestine, we gain an exclusive insight to her magical London fairytale – styling a tribute shoot for the late Alexander McQueen, playing her harmonica and hanging out at her favourite East London café.


About the Director

Michelle ‘Shelby’ Sadlier is, in her own words, both a fashion journalist and keen social media player.

She'll never be seen without her Chanel red lipstick and is never off her phone.

Her journey as a writer kicked off at the age of 10, after her grandmother instilled in her the importance of education: ‘Everyday is a school day; we are always learning.’

Michelle believes social media embraces this notion and has made high-fashion inclusive, not exclusive.

Michelle, 26, has a HDip in Journalism and Media Communications from Griffith College, Dublin, and a BA (Honours) in Media and Marketing Studies from the Liverpool John Moores University.

She has also attended numerous short courses, including Fashion Journalism at the London College of Fashion, and is a contributing writer to the Daily Rubbish blog.

Fashion, media, music and Shelby Mustangs are her passions.

Twitter: @shelbyshelly
Contributing blog:

Director: Dominic O'Riordan
Producer: Michelle Sadler
Camera Operator: Warren Smith

Check out http://vimeo.com/user1318528/videos to view other work or email Dominic or Warren on info@lovemakingfilms.co.uk to request a showreel, alternatively call 07815112341.

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