Councillors in Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown have voted for a two-way segregated cycle way on the Deansgrange Road at their monthly meeting.

The decision follows two and half years of debate and controversy over a section on the Blackrock side of the Deansgrange crossroads which is part of the Park to Park safe to school cycle route.

The original proposal was to make space for the cycleway by making the road one way for motor traffic for a distance of just under one kilometre.

This was opposed by some local residents and local businesses who said it would lead to diversions and delays.

The council then proposed to put this section of the cycle route through Deansgrange Cemetery and to lower the cemetery wall to make the route visible from the main road for the safety of users.

That plan was opposed by some families whose loved ones are buried in Deansgrange including parents whose young children are buried just inside the cemetery wall.

The latest plan, now backed by a majority of councillors, will remove parking from the road outside the cemetery to allow space for a segregated cycle route and two way traffic for cars.

There will be new parking spaces inside the cemetery to replace some of those lost by this move.

The vote has been welcomed by campaigners for the cycle route.