A man had to be rescued from a first-floor apartment after a cement mixer lorry crashed into a house in Co Tyrone.

The collision occurred on Main Street shortly before 8am.

Police and the Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service attended the scene.

The man was rescued from the apartment in an adjacent property by the NIFRS following the crash.

NIFRS group commander Mark Maginnes said that a structural assessment was being conducted to determine whether the building might be at risk of collapse.

He said nobody was hurt in the incident but a man had been rescued.

Mr Maginnes said: "Fire crews rescued the gentleman from a first-floor flat and escorted him down a ladder because it was not safe for him to get out of the property any other way.

"He was treated for shock."

He added: "There was a family in the house that the truck collided with but thankfully nobody was hurt in that property."

Local Sinn Féin councillor Cathal Mallaghan said the crash had caused substantial damage to the building.

Mr Mallaghan said local residents he had spoken to were "really shocked".

"People were getting up having their breakfast. It's the last thing you'd expect obviously," he said.

"The room that the lorry went through was the games room in the home. If it had of been later in the day perhaps children would have been in there playing.

"So it is really lucky there was nobody hurt."

A number of houses along the road were evacuated as a precaution on Saturday and the road was closed.