Dublin City Council and Dublin City Culture Company have won a Global Award for culture engagement, from the World Organisation of United Cities and Local Governments.

The award recognises cities, local governments and individuals who have been innovative in the provision of creative and cultural opportunities for their citizens.

This year, special consideration was given to activity during Covid-19.

Dublin won its award from its AWE programme, which stands for Accessiblilty, Wellbeing and Evidence and aims to connect people with culture.

The Culture Company runs programmes in neighbourhoods, cultural spaces and places in the city that contribute to cultural engagement of those who live there.

Some programmes were moved online during Covid and digital training and support were also provided to participants.

Lord Mayor of Dublin Alison Gilliland said: "On behalf of the people of Dublin, I am proud to receive this global award. The innovative approach of the Culture Company makes culture more accessible to everyone in our city.

"Through continuous collaboration with local people in their local areas, we are able to deliver the cultural themes and ambitions expressed by our citizens."

She said: "When the work reflects the people they are naturally more engaged with it and more connected to their communities, resulting in them feeling safer, stronger and healthier.