The owner of an alpaca farm in Co Louth has said Christmas trees are a good source of nutrition and alpacas love them.

Ellie Moonan of the Boyne Valley Alpaca Farm said the pine needles have plenty of vitamins, are a good source of roughage and are good for worm control.

Speaking on RTÉ's Morning Ireland, Ms Moonan said they also make good scratching posts.

"Once the needles are gone the trees stiffen up," she said.

"So they sort of crawl across them and scratch under their bellies."

Ms Moonan said Christmas trees are usually given to them by friends and neighbours, but the farm was "inundated with offers" last year after she put an appeal on Facebook.

"We couldn't take them all, but it was great to see and there was great excitement," she said.

"This year we've had lots of offers from people who offered last year and we have already started to get them.

"I don't know how many we have now, we have over 50 trees at the moment."

Ms Moonan said they check every tree that is donated to them to ensure they are not sprayed with anything and that there is nothing in the tree that an alpaca cannot eat.

Meanwhile, local authorities around Ireland are encouraging people to recycle their trees. Information on tree recycling can be found on local authority websites.