Dublin City Council has admitted that its current plan for social housing is below Government targets.

A report to councillors states that it has 9,910 new social housing units in the pipeline through construction, long-term leasing and Part Vs.

However, the Department of Housing has set the council a target of 10,552 through the Housing for All strategy for 2022 to 2026.

Acting Assistant Chief Executive Dave Dinnigan said the council acknowledges the shortfall of 642 homes and stated "DCC is examining ways of increasing delivery over the lifetime of the plan".

Overall, the council intends to deliver 12,315 homes including Affordable Purchase and Cost Rental but excluding Housing Assistance Payments (HAP).

The report also states that the delivery of new social housing in 2020 - the third year of Rebuilding Ireland - came in substantially below target because of Covid-19.

However it stated that overall delivery was over target because of increased use of HAP tenancies.

There were 625 new builds, Part Vs and acquisitions in 2020 compared to a target of 1,434 - a shortfall of 44%.

However it stated that an extra 1,326 homes provided as HAP tenancies meant total housing delivery was 5% over target.