A public consultation process on a temporary cycle lane for Salthill in Galway will take place in the coming weeks.

Galway City Council engineers have devised two possible options for the route, after the local authority voted overwhelmingly in favour of the proposed infrastructure in September.

A two-way cycle lane would operate beside the existing pedestrian area on the Promenade from Grattan Road to Blackrock.

It would then reduce to a single lane for cyclists heading westwards, to the junction with the Bearna Road.

It is envisaged that the route would be facilitated for a six-month period, between March and September next year.

The motion passed by councillors means that both options presented to them involve one way traffic on the R336 between the Bearna Road and Blackrock.

Engineers say the width of that road means it is impossible to provide for two-way traffic and a one-way cycle lane, so the only solution is to make a section of the road one-way for general traffic in a west to east direction, travelling towards Salthill and the city.

The first option that will be put out for consultation involves a one-way system for west to east-bound general traffic, between the Bearna Road and Seapoint.

This would retain 202 car park spaces along Salthill Promenade, but it would also mean bus services would have to be diverted, with increased public transport journey times.

A second option entails a mix of one-way and two-way traffic flow on the above route.

Cars and busses could still travel in both directions along the promenade, but only east-bound traffic would be permitted between the Bearna Road and Blackrock.

The number of car parking spaces along the Prom would fall to 94 as a result. Bus services would remain as they are at present.

Council engineers say they will report back to elected representatives, when the public consultation process concludes.

They have also pointed out that both options have been developed to "conceptual stage design" only and that any proposal will need to undergo a road safety audit.