Ten currachs were raced around the Skerries Islands off the north Dublin coast during the annual Three Island Challenge.

The race was organised by the team behind the boat Curach na Sceirí, built in the seaside suburb three years ago by Shane Holland and a group friends.

The artist and designer became fascinated by currachs and how they needed to be light but strong.

Shane, who is based in Skerries, began building Curach na Sceirí in 2018 with some friends. And from there, they began to race it against other currachs from Dublin racing clubs in Ringsend and East Wall.

It has developed from just four currachs in the inaugural challenge to an annual staple with ten boats competing this summer.

It is mainly an east coast affair, with rowing teams from Belfast, Carlingford and Dublin.

Organiser Shane jokes that "the guys on the west coast are really the Olympians of currach racing ... we're not really on their level yet."

But this year, a team from Galway and another from Donegal also made the journey to take part in the Three Island Challenge.

"We're a little bit different from traditional currach racing," says Shane.

"Our event is not point-to-point racing. We are using the natural landscape here in Skerries (the Three Islands of the race title).

"We're racing around them. It is a bit like Opportunity Knocks; you go to an island, you pick up a flag.

"There's an element of adventure. But also a competitive element for those who want to seriously race it."

The challenge was won this year by the O'Donnell brothers from Donegal in a record time of 39 minutes.

Perhaps an east/west coast feud in on the horizon in the world of currach racing!