The latest homeless figures show a continuing decline with just over 8,000 people in emergency accommodation last month.

This is a decrease of 1,847 or nearly 19% over the previous year.

However, the homeless charity Dublin Simon has warned of a "calm before the storm" with the ending of the eviction ban.

The figures for March show overall there were 8,060 men, women and children in emergency accommodation across the country.

There were reductions across all categories including single adults, a group that had been on the rise in recent months despite a continuing drop overall.

Last February saw the highest number ever of single adults ever recorded with a total of 4,590.

The latest number for singles is down 30 to 4,560.

The situation in Dublin was different with a continuing rise of 27 on the previous month, up to 3,073.

The number of homeless families nationally was 913 and is the lowest since March 2016 while the number of children was 2,166 is the lowest since April 2016.

The overall number of 8,060 people in emergency accommodation compares with a high of 10,514 in October 2019.

Adrian O'Reilly from Dublin Simon said the ending of the eviction ban is causing concern to private tenants.

He said: "We are seeing tenants in arrears, some of whom have already been given notice to quit, and on the other side of the coin there are landlords in financial difficulty themselves who are facing repossession from the banks."

Mr O’Reilly said there are protections in place for those out of work because of Covid-19 until 12 July.

He said this does not cover all those in difficulty and added: "We are seeing older people contacting us for the first time, for whom the prolonged isolation is having a serious impact on their ability to manage."