Pharmacists are calling for the immediate vaccination of pharmacy staff, who, they say have been in the frontline of health care in their communities since the beginning of the pandemic, but "as a vital cohort have been ignored."

The Irish Pharmacists Union said there are approximately one million visits every day to Irish pharmacies.

Spokesperson Tom Murray, said it is "incredible that frontline healthcare workers like them are not being protected and vaccinated. 

Mr Murray, who runs two pharmacies in Co Donegal, is one of a group of pharmacists employing approximately 600 staff in the county, who have written to their elected representatives asking them to secure immediate access to vaccination for patient-facing members of the pharmacy team, without whom, they say, pharmacists could not function. 

No plans have been made for the vaccination of non-pharmacy staff working in pharmacies Mr Murray says, however he said, they have learned that many non patitient-facing staff in other settings have been offered their vaccine.

"How incredibly unfair this is for pharmacy teams, who face the public every day and keep this vital part of the healthcare service operating. "