A special meeting of Mayo County Council will be held next month, to discuss the final report of the Commission of Investigation into Mother and Baby Homes.

Almost a third of all mothers admitted to the home in Tuam, between 1925 and 1961, were from Co Mayo.

The special meeting was proposed by Independent Westport Councillor Christy Hyland. He said there was a need for the local authority to consider the Commission's findings and recommendations, as a matter of urgency.

Capitation payments were made by the Council to the Bon Secours Sisters, for the women and children sent from the county to the Tuam Home, over a 36 year period.

Cllr Hyland said it was certain that some of the infant remains that are buried on the site of the Home were those of children born to Mayo women.

He said the Council had a duty to provide as much assistance as possible, so that the truth of what happened to the deceased could be ascertained.

The Commission has pointed out that Mayo and Galway county councils facilitated a longer length of stay for children in Tuam, than was the case elsewhere. This was as a result of a demand by the Bon Secours sisters that they remain at the Home until they were school going age.

The report also refers to Mayo being an "exceptional county in respect of local intrigue" connected with boarded out children. The Commission said the general attitude seemed to be from the point of view of the foster parent, rather than from the viewpoint of child welfare.

Some individuals believed that they had a right to a boarded out child, to carry out work for them.

In the late 1950s one Mayo councillor complained about the "gross abuse of the Boarded-out Children scheme in the mountainy parts of the county".

The Councillor's concerns stemmed from an assistance officer's refusal to accept an application from a brother and sister seeking a child.

The Councillor contacted senior officials arguing that the siblings in question "were entitled to a boarded out child".

Cllr Hyland said the report raised a number of issues that elected representatives needed to consider and act upon.