A spokesperson for Dublin Wicklow Mountain Rescue team has said it was seeing large numbers of people visiting local uplands.

There were more people in the Wicklow mountains than expected for the population in those areas, Valerie Hayes told RTÉ's Morning Ireland.

Covid-19 means the rescue teams need to respond to call-outs in their private vehicles and large volumes of traffic are making it more difficult for them to attend emergencies.

Ms Hayes said a colleague reported that it took them 45 minutes for a journey that usually takes just 15 minutes.

She said people parking in front of gates are also causing problems.

The rescue spokeswoman appealed to the public to reconsider going into the mountains at this time.

Wicklow is not the only area where travel restrictions were flouted at the weekend.

Beaches and hill-walking spots from Kerry to Wexford were also packed with people from well outside their 5km zones, according to posts on social media.

Last week, after a dangerous rescue in icy conditions on Carrauntoohil, Kerry Mountain Rescue appealed to people not to climb mountains in the current icy conditions and to respect the 5km rule.

In Wicklow, gardaí mounted a major checkpoint operation warning about illegally parked vehicles yesterday which would have prevented emergency services accessing several areas.

Tow trucks were employed after a number of vehicles had to be moved yesterday.