A well-known Cork bridge, nicknamed the 'Shakey Bridge', which has undergone a €1.7 million revamp is due to reopen this weekend. 

The repair works were ordered on Daly's Bridge amid concern in recent years that the bridge could be vulnerable to partial collapse.

Daly's Bridge, which is a 48 metre wrought iron span construction, was opened in the late 1920's as a strategic crossing of the northern channel of the River Lee. 

The bridge quickly became known as the 'Shakey Bridge' because of its famous wobble as pedestrians walked over it.

Named after a local dairy merchant, Daly's Bridge was the biggest infrastructure project undertaken in Cork after the War of Independence. 

A structural report in 2011 raised major concerns at the way rust had damaged the bridge and, in particular, its iron latticework. 

Cork historian, Councillor Kieran McCarthy says the bridge ranks as one of the city's most iconic landmarks and tourist attractions. 

The bridge is now a popular access route for Fitzgerald Park and is heavily used by tourists and students. 

Keating Construction has been carrying out restoration works since August of last year.

It will reopen on Saturday.