Mount Sion GAA Club in Waterford city have begun preparations for players returning to training, with pitches being lined, nets re-mounted and grass cut to prepare for the resumption of action.

GAA clubs countrywide were also busy readying themselves for the return of players to training, as restrictions on crowd-gatherings continue to ease.

Non-contact training is now allowed among GAA teams, with contact training due to return next week, and the development has come as a welcome relief to players and officials who have been waiting for this day since mid-March.

Meanwhile, the Kelloggs Cul Camps which have been a feature of the summer holidays for primary school children and their parents for many years are set to go ahead, all going well.

"Everybody understands what was needed of us but it's been frustrating," former chairman Peter Walsh said today.

Peter Walsh is former chairman Peter Walsh

"Everybody is generally so active, training and playing matches and everything, getting ready for games, so it's been hugely frustrating for an awful lot of people.

"Everybody’s been chomping at the bit to get back so now that the news has come through it’s great, everybody can’t wait to get going and really in earnest from the weekend when contact is allowed as well.

"I suppose fellas have been doing their own little bit trying to keep fit, but there’s nothing like fellas being together and having the bit of crack and enjoying what they’re doing and keeping active and enjoying their sport."